Prayer for Diabetes

older-coupleThis Prayer is for people with Diabetes:

In Jesus name I take authority and power over all the symptoms of diabetes, we command all Nerve damage to cease and desist right now. You will not destroy the nerve fiber or fatty insulation that surrounds it. I command nerves to transmit perfect signals to the body for right healing now. I evict all bad circulation, vascular diseases, and I speak a divine roto-rooter of Gods power to completely cleanse out all bad blood vessels from being clogged with mounds of plaque and blockages. No more blood vessels walls thicken and become hard and non-elastic, no more interruption of the blood flow, it flows perfectly in the temple of God. I take power over the arteries commanding them to be healthy and whole saying no to all heart disease and yes to the heart transplant of Jesus, give them a new heart. I demand the perfect blood flow to the brain, leaving no room for disease, no stroke, no lightheadedness, no dizziness, no loss of ability to speak, no slurred speech, no confusion and no to inappropriate behavior for I have the mind of Christ.

I rebuke dehydration and all its symptoms, therefore, I command all eye problems to cease and desist, and I demand glaucoma, cataracts, infections, detached retina, and blindness to be dissolved. I give authority of healing and restoration to take place now; I create a miracle to the nerves, eye structures, and brain. I command the blood and fluid to flow through the layers. All will have perfect God sight right now in Jesus name. All urinary dysfunction and infection are healed and restored, excessive thirst and dry mouth is broke off and the living water of Christ fulfills all thirst, dry and itchy skin must leave and soft and glowing must arise from the Christ within us. Slow healing and cuts have no place in the temple of God so go heal rapidly, I command the body’s defensive killer cell to multiply and attack and destroy anything that not of God in this temple.

I rebuke numbness, tingling in feet, night leg cramps, burning, dull aches, stabbing pain, you have no power, you must hear the voice of Authority and I loose it from this body. These feet are Holy and are made to spread the Gospel of peace and where they stand is on holy ground, take your stand and feel the blood of Christ move through your body circulating the blood.


In Jesus name I command a creative miracle; I call into being the things: New thyroid, new adrenal, new pituitary, new pancreas, new kidney and that are not as though they are.

I take dominion over the correct levels of glucose in the blood; I rebuke the deficit of the hormone insulin. I demand that the beta cells measure blood glucose levels constantly and deliver the required amount of insulin to the glucose into cells and keep blood sugar in the normal range of 60mg to 120mg. I command the electrical and chemical frequencies in every cell in the body to be in harmony and in balance and digest the sick cell.

Now, see yourself with the anointing oil over your head and its pouring all over your body changing everything making the temple what God has call it to be perfect and holy where Christ dwell. I’m made in his image likeness, there is no sickness in the spirit so don’t take it, cast it out and keep going in the name of Jesus. See the blood of Jesus washing over but more important see it cleanse from the inside, kick all illness out, you must do the same. Keep your mind on Christ not the illness and watch God heal you. In the name of Jesus and through his blood it is done.


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