heartlessHEARTLESS: GIRL’S MOUTH AND LEFT EYE SEWN BY HER MUSLIM BOSS FOR PROFESSING HER SALVATION IN JESUS CHRIST/!! This young lady had her mouth and left eye sewn with plastic threads for professing her salvation. The young Girl, who was a servant in Saudi Arabia sought to serve God and professed that Jesus Christ is her personal savior. This did not go well with her master who ordered his men to sow her mouth so that she will never say that again. Her left eye was sewn too, as a warning. This is the highest level of religious intolerance in the Muslim world. Let us pray for her to be healed and be saved from her pains.

One cannot stop wondering why a particular religion will sort to inflict pains on others just because they wont believe in their god.Let us pray together for our brothers and sisters all around the world!


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