Christmas feast for South Africa Squatter Camps

Feed the children and give them life

moving day at a squatter camp

When I think of Christmas time it takes me back to this small little girl, with big eyes and smile that could light up the room with gladness… through the eyes of that little girl, the lighting of tree and outside Christmas lights and singing about Jesus was so amazing… then came smell of sweet potato pie, pecan pie, cakes and candy and smell of sage with our turkey and pineapple glaze Ham the whole house filled with love and joy…You can hear singing, praise and giving thank all day long, with family, friends and all love ones, the people that come over all day long, church family, neighbors… what a great feeling.

But what if, you take the same little girl and she lives in a Squatter Camps, what would her day must be like… You wake-up to your stomach aching because you have no food, there is no smells of pie, cake or turkey. There no running water, no electricity for lights, no friends coming over, and the future would seem bleak… but it doesn’t have to be…

I can see the pain and humiliation in the eyes of men, women and even children. They have reached a point of no return and it has beaten all joy and happiness out of their spirits. I don’t call it White Squatter Camps, I Call them White Concentration Camps forced on them by Government. It is a lifelong sentence without parole.

Please help us by   giving hope back on this day by funding   our Christmas feast, that would feed not one family but the whole Squatter Camps on this day, let them know the kind of love and fun we remember here in America that we whole dear to your hearts and children..

Help us to KEPT CHILDREN DREAMS ALIVE about Christmas… We need your Love gift Now..


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