Government is trying to buyoff catholic charities and others to help Muslims refugees

Government is trying to buyoff catholic charities and others to help Muslims refugees

Thursday June 23, 2016 at 5:00pm PST, call-in and find out if your state is pulling out the welcome mat for Muslims refugees (347) 826-7353

Obama has setup locations all over the country to house Syrian Refugees, on taxpayers dime of course.
The govt. has admitted there’ s no way to vet these people to see if they are ISIS members and at the very least ISIS sympathizers set on spreading their radical ideas in our communities

The carnage that took place in Paris on Friday has sent shock waves all across Europe, and while the investigation continues on who was responsible for the carnage, one piece of evidence has emerged. The passport of one of the terrorists has been found, and what it reveals is perhaps what most already know, that this terrorist infiltrated into Paris under the guise of being a displaced Syrian refugee.

The same Syrian refuges that this administration is getting ready to allow up 10,000 within the United States, the same Syrian refugees that cannot be fully vetted because in almost all cases, no viable documentation exists, and that perhaps up to 20% of whatever passports do exist are either forged, or taken from dead Syrians and sold on the black-market.
A comforting thought indeed for those in Europe who are currently being over run. Moreover it’s not by coincidence that a majority of Syrian refugees happen to be young to middle-aged males, perhaps upwards of 70%.

The attached is a full list of cities that will eventually be housing 10,000 Syrian refugees and potential Islamic terrorists, which is a distinction our government refuses to acknowledge, in that there are Islamic terrorists lying in wait among the refugees and that this government is willfully subjecting its citizens.

Take a moment and view the entire list, and see if your city is in the cross-hairs and if so call you state representatives and demand they halt this insanity.

The list of refugee locations in its entirety. (Locations are listed alphabetically by state so scroll down to your state as this list is LONG!):

U.S. to House 250,000 Syrian Refugees at Navajo, Standing Rock Indian Reservations

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